London trip 2014 – my date with Sherlock – part 3

BAFTA Screening His Last Vow 

First I should mention that sadly none of the pictures I took that evening turned out well enough for posting them here, except maybe two or three showing Una Stubbs / Mrs Hudson with some Sherlock fans. At least I got to exchange a few words with her, Louise Brealey / Molly Hooper and Jonathan Aris / Anderson. They are such nice people! However, His Last Vow certainly had its effect on all of us and it took me almost the entire Q&A panel (w/Steven Moffat, Amanda Abbington, Sue Vertue and Lars Mikkelson) to recover from that episode. And when Steven Moffat said that they (Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss) had already plotted series four and five it made me leave the BAFTA building with a happy and content smile later.

Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace/St. James Park/Green Park

On our last day we decided to take a stroll through the nearby Parks. Buckingham Palace was quite impressive and thanks to my sister I was even able to make out the different guardsmen…

All in all it was one of the most impressive trips I’ve ever done and it was definitely not my last trip to London…


London trip 2014 – my date with Sherlock – part 2

Bart’s Hospital

The next day we left our hotel after a very delicious breakfast. We took the underground over to Bart’s Hospital – have I mentioned that I love the London underground? – and left the U-station near Bart’s Hospital where I was greeted by a homeless, holding up a magazine with Benedict Cumberbatch nearly starring at me. “That’s a sign!” I thought and after a nice conversation between the homeless and myself I was the lucky owner of THE BIG ISSUE [Jan 6-12, 2014].

Anyway, we made our way up and around Bart’s Hospital as we soon reached That famous place. It took me a moment to find the exact spot where John Watson had stood, watching Sherlock jump off the roof top of Bart’s Hospital. For a moment everything around me stood still. I was touched.

Soon after I made my way back to where my sister sat, right next to that famous red telephone box. And again I was touched by all the short notes people – fans of Sherlock – had left on it. Of course I had to take some pictures and after a lovely visit at a wine restaurant where I had the most delicious cafe latte ever, we left for St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Impressive. Well, that’s all about it. A great spot with a restaurant surrounded by famous dead people from the past.

187 North Gower Street (fake 221B Baker Street)

As soon as you reach North Gower Street you will see Speedy’s Cafe, that lovely little restaurant that became famous the moment BBC’s Sherlock was shown on the British telly. And even more after the British series was aired worldwide. You can imagine it was well crowded, especially around noon. Once seated you should take some time taking in the Sherlock atmosphere. There are pictures with the cast and crew hanging all over the walls as well as a beautiful fan art work. And then there is of course the famous door right next to Speedy’s Cafe. People – fans, obviously, were taking pictures while we sat inside Speedy’s, and when we left the restaurant I too took some photographs, of course.

Houses of Parliament / Big Ben

As we reached the Houses of Parliament / Big Ben it instantly reminded me of the first episode [Sherlock S3], the tube scene. The Brits truly know how to impress the tourists. So, after we took plenty of photographs of Big Ben and the London Eye we left for our next date…

London trip 2014 – my date with Sherlock – part 1

How it all started

It all began at the end of November last year when I was in bed, my Kindle in one hand and my cuppa in the other. Sherlock, the BBC One series popped up on the Kindle screen and I thought, “I remember watching it once. Too fast. Not really my cup of tea…” I decided to give it another try.

What can I say, I was totally flashed and couldn’t stop watching. Of course I had to watch series two right after and you can imagine the hours that had passed already. Anyway, that night I got completely hooked with BBC’s brilliant version of Sherlock.

A few weeks later I was the lucky owner of Sherlock series one and two, the casebook, the 2014 calendar, the soundtracks and a few things more. Once obsessed with something I tent to turn into a teenager all over again.

Anyway, of course I had to search the internet for everything Sherlock and of course I had to find out about its fandom. I did. And it didn’t take me long to find out that it’s quite a huge fandom, mostly present on twitter and tumblr.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. To be honest I had never heard of them before. But suddenly I read about them everywhere on the internet and it was only a matter of time when I found out they would be attending The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaugh premiere in Berlin [December 2013]. Since I couldn’t go myself another idea began to spin around my head. “Go to London, visit some of Sherlock‘s most famous locations and combine it with a screening of Sherlock series three, episode three [BAFTA London].”

London’s calling

After I convinced my sister to come with me – which actually didn’t take long – I soon found myself at the Düsseldorf airport. And before we even took off I had already got my hands on the first magazine, Sherlock related of course.

London. Well, it wasn’t actually my first visit, but then I never made it into downtown. What an impressive city! And had I never cared about this city before I certainly do now. The underground. I love the underground, even though I’ve never been a big fan of tunnels. One day tickets get you everywhere and it’s for sure the easiest way to get around London.

221B Baker Street

After we checked in at our hotel we were soon off on our way up to Baker Street. I instantly understood why They had decided not to film at the original location. Too much traffic! But the Sherlock Holmes Museum itself is such a lovely place and worth a visit. What made me smile was the fact that we were definitely not the only Sherlock fans there. Of course there were loads of fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, but it didn’t take much deduction to filter between them and BBC’s Sherlock. After taking some pictures and buying some lovely Sherlock Holmes ‘souvenirs’ we took the underground down to Piccadilly.

Piccadilly Circus

Wow! What an amazing spot. Busy as hell. It takes you a moment before you realize it’s one of London’s most famous places. We – okay, I did some shopping. And what a bad tourist would I be had I not bought some London souvenirs as well.

Northumberland Street

Of course we had to go there. Not only because of the famous Sherlock Holmes Restaurant & Pub; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote some of his famous stories there, but also because of the first episode of BBC’s Sherlock: A Study in Pink. You should have seen me grin when we arrived there, images of Sherlock and John, their famous chase instantly popping up in my mind. After taking some pictures again we decided it was time for dinner. Should you ever make it there you really should stop at Sherlock Holmes Restaurant & Pub!

The Underground and Streets of London at night

Well, after a good pint of Guinness one should think twice before taking the underground back to Mayfair, London. It leaves you quite dizzy and even makes you argue with one of the many ticket gates. Anyway, have you ever heard or read about Jack the Ripper? Well, walking along those streets/alleys of London at night made me think of him quite a few times.

Our first day truly was an experience which left us happy and content.

Author’s note: Please keep in mind that English isn’t my native language.