London trip 2014 – my date with Sherlock – part 2

Bart’s Hospital

The next day we left our hotel after a very delicious breakfast. We took the underground over to Bart’s Hospital – have I mentioned that I love the London underground? – and left the U-station near Bart’s Hospital where I was greeted by a homeless, holding up a magazine with Benedict Cumberbatch nearly starring at me. “That’s a sign!” I thought and after a nice conversation between the homeless and myself I was the lucky owner of THE BIG ISSUE [Jan 6-12, 2014].

Anyway, we made our way up and around Bart’s Hospital as we soon reached That famous place. It took me a moment to find the exact spot where John Watson had stood, watching Sherlock jump off the roof top of Bart’s Hospital. For a moment everything around me stood still. I was touched.

Soon after I made my way back to where my sister sat, right next to that famous red telephone box. And again I was touched by all the short notes people – fans of Sherlock – had left on it. Of course I had to take some pictures and after a lovely visit at a wine restaurant where I had the most delicious cafe latte ever, we left for St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Impressive. Well, that’s all about it. A great spot with a restaurant surrounded by famous dead people from the past.

187 North Gower Street (fake 221B Baker Street)

As soon as you reach North Gower Street you will see Speedy’s Cafe, that lovely little restaurant that became famous the moment BBC’s Sherlock was shown on the British telly. And even more after the British series was aired worldwide. You can imagine it was well crowded, especially around noon. Once seated you should take some time taking in the Sherlock atmosphere. There are pictures with the cast and crew hanging all over the walls as well as a beautiful fan art work. And then there is of course the famous door right next to Speedy’s Cafe. People – fans, obviously, were taking pictures while we sat inside Speedy’s, and when we left the restaurant I too took some photographs, of course.

Houses of Parliament / Big Ben

As we reached the Houses of Parliament / Big Ben it instantly reminded me of the first episode [Sherlock S3], the tube scene. The Brits truly know how to impress the tourists. So, after we took plenty of photographs of Big Ben and the London Eye we left for our next date…


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